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Low Exercise Price Options Explanation

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Low Exercise Price Options Explanation
Low Exercise Price Options or LEPOs were first introduced onto the Australian Stock Exchange in 1995. The instrument allows for the underlying stock to be traded on margin due to its unique characteristics.

Index Options Fundamentals
This article covers the basics of what index options are and why traders use them

Guide to Option Greeks
A quick introduction on the most important Greeks, the risk measures representing the sensitivity of an option to changes in a set of underlying parameters.

Two Minute Guide to Strangles and Straddles
A quick guide into the benefits and disadvantages of these two popular option strategies

Understanding Historical Volatility
Read about historical volatility and how it's used as an indicator of risk. This article steps through the calculations and interpretations of this key metric for option traders.

Understanding Implied Volatility
A traders' guide to implied volatility. Understand the calculations and application implied volatility, one of the most important measures for option traders

3 Reasons to Consider Trading or Investing on the ASX
Learn about the features and strengths of Australia, its economy and why it's a good place to trade and invest

The Put Call Ratio Explained
Information on the put call ratio, how it's calculated and how to use it when trading options or stocks

Differences Between Trading Options and Stocks
Discover the differences between options and stocks trading and the advantages and disadvantages of both

A Beginners Guide to Options Pricing
A beginner's guide to how the strike price, time factor, stock price, interest rate and volatility influence the price of options

Introduction to Call and Put Options
How do options work? Read a basic introduction to understand how they work and how to profit from them